Interpretation Services

"Ennovatives" is the provider to over 5,000 clients worldwide and is Talent by the most reputable organizations in the world, including the U.S. Military and government. Whether you need business, legal, medical, educational, or conference onsite interpretation services, "Ennovatives" is your cost-effective and reliable solution. Our interpreters are specifically trained in consecutive interpretations as it is important that key elements are not lost while the speaker finishes the phrase or segment. "Ennovatives" is your cost-effective solution for your onsite consecutive interpretations needs.

"Ennovatives" has developed a division specialized in providing onsite interpretations, both consecutive and simultaneous. This division has access to the top interpreters in the world along with the high-tech equipment necessary to provide highly professional onsite interpretations in almost any environment. From large concert halls to small meeting rooms, "Ennovatives" has a solution for your onsite interpretations needs. With linguists trained in over 170 languages covering all subject matters, "Ennovatives" will find the right linguist for your subject matter, no matter how complex. As with all of our service offerings, "Ennovatives" adheres to strict standards of confidentiality and quality.