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Edutech companies have made e-learning a buzzword these days. E-learning helps people to read as per their time and convenience without any time and space obligation. Elearning services by Ennovatives ensure the availability of e-learning modules for the different languages and regions. We provide the most relevant and error-free multilingual content.

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Why E-learning Services?

Regardless of your training needs, a well-designed and convenient digital learning solution can assist you in reaching your objectives.

With top-notch E-learning materials about your most recent goods and services, you may improve the competence of your own workforce, inform stakeholders, or engage clients!

Get the best of both worlds by engaging your clients and users through customised, compelling E-learning content. The lines between marketing and training efforts are becoming more and more hazy.

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Facts about E-learning services

  • E-Learning materials with a strong pedagogical foundation that are simple to localise and translate
  • Various learning-focused, instructional, and inspiring tasks are created by a skilled staff of E-learning content creators.
  • Experts in communication and language use narrative to make your E-learning material come to life.
  • Clarifying images, infographics, and animations for complex, esoteric, or technical topics
  • Adaptable E-learning materials that are mobile, tablet, and PC optimised
  • Affordable E-learning services that address your global training needs, from E-learning content to eLearning content management solutions

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What are common topics for E-learning?

E-learning is a training system that supports a wide range of subject matter, such as:

  • New employee orientation
  • Improvement of leadership
  • Management of change
  • Installation of products
  • Safety at work
  • Codes of behaviour
  • Sales professionals and insurance law
  • GDPR and other topics pertaining to compliance

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Things to Keep in mind while Choosing E-learning Services

  • Make sure company or agency does not outsource your assignments and is committed to the zero-error policy. You should also ensure no gaps in project execution.
  • Expert group of localisation engineers, content creators, multimedia engineers, professional translators are best fitted for e-learning projects. Their years of experience and knowledge to deliver the best e-learning multilingual modules for your target language group/native speakers and region is worth keeping an eye upon.
  • Choose a company which doesn’t just create e-learning modules, but also are liberal to form a digital ambience that is conducive for the trainees to get the core understanding of the subject.
  • The agency should specialise in every aspect of e-learning localisation for every possible domain of learning.
  • The client-specific cost-efficient services should be curated to achieve your business goals.

We, at Ennovatives, talk and get a clarity of the client’s project for the best outcome of our efforts and worth of your time & budget.

With our engaging, user-friendly, and affordable learning solutions that enable anytime and everywhere learning, our objective is always to accelerate enterprises.

We provide efficient learning programmes that are specifically catered to your company’s requirements and lead to behavioural changes or better work performance. We use a learner-centered strategy to accomplish this, keeping learners at the centre of all we do. We produce an immersive learning experience using carefully designed stories, pertinent scenarios, gamification, and other instructional tactics.

Learning strategists, instructional designers, visual designers, and programmers from our varied talent pool are aware of the value of workplace learning. With this knowledge, we are dedicated to providing you with the learning solutions that are most effective.

Our E-learning Services

E-learning created according to your requirements

Our team has more than 10 years of expertise creating learner-focused and pedagogically sound E-learning content that is completely tailored to the needs of our clients. To ensure that the final result meets or exceeds your expectations, your project manager will discuss your training objectives with you, collect any resources you may already have, and collaborate with a group of scriptwriters, art directors, and localization specialists.

Developing instructional scripts with a focus on the learner

An effective e-learning piece can be distinguished from one that fails to teach employees anything by having a script that is well-written, interesting, and simple to understand. Creating pedagogically sound, learner-centered E-learning scripts for on-screen text, a skilled voiceover, or both is a specialty of Ennovatives’s Learning Content Services team, which has 20 years of experience in the field.

E-learning design that is both eye-catching and learner-centered

Your audience’s attention will be captured, learning will be facilitated, and your brand standards will be adhered to by our skilled visual designers’ creation of an attractive elearning content design. Our in-house elearning content team, which has 10 years of experience, will help you get the look you’re striving for.

Animation design that is appealing and educational

Since they can quickly access a multitude of dynamic content online, learners are no longer happy with static, unmoving E-learning content. To guarantee that your learners get the most out of your E-learning content, grab their attention with our unique animation solutions, which are based on pedagogical concepts.

E-learning localization specialists

People today expect to be able to learn in the language of their choice because multilingual content is available from anywhere in the world. You may provide all of the employees in your global firm with access to your E-learning content on any subject in any language by collaborating with Ennovatives.

Solutions We Provide:

  • Custom eLearning Development
  • ILT to eLearning
  • Flash to HTML5 conversion
  • PowerPoint to eLearning conversion
  • Conversion of legacy courses
  • Translation and Localization
  • Rapid eLearning
  • Micro and Mobile Learning
  • Content Development Templates
  • Game-based Learning
  • Blended Learning Solutions
  • Simulation based software training
  • Learning Management System

Our Expertise in Rapid Authoring tools:

Adobe Captivate | Adobe Flash | Articulate Storyline | Articulate Studio
Articulate Rise | Elucidat | dominKnow | iSpring studio | Camtasia | Lectora | Composica

Would E-learning services suit your need?

E-learning is a choice to take into consideration for your training delivery if you frequently need to provide standardised training for your workforce, stakeholders, clients, or other target audiences. Learning management systems are primarily used for eLearning content management (LMS). We can offer you simple choices for managing learning content or suggest dependable partners who offer learning management systems.

Learning management systems enable reliable reporting and evaluation of the effectiveness of your e-learning materials. They guarantee that your training requirements can be satisfied with a branded, constant message.

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