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What is Transcription?

The production of any multilingual video or audio content can often be facilitated by transcription. The process of transcription involves converting audio into text (transcribe audio to text). The subtitles in this text can be used by people with hearing difficulties or those who do not understand the original spoken language of the audio feed but prefer to see subtitles in their original language.

Translation of the original text into another language can also be based on this transcribed material. A comprehensive team of transcriptionists is dedicated to the transcribing and translatability of audio content.

Transcription of the content makes it accessible, readable, and relatable for all. A piece of content that is native to a set of people can be alien or foreign to other sets of people. Transcription facilitates bringing everyone on the same understanding of the content irrespective of language and situations. Transcription services by Ennovatives include audio and video transcription in multiple languages to support your business and services

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Transcription Services by Ennovatives

  • Ennovatives is your transcription partner for all types of business needs such as seminars, research, conference, meetings, academics and so on
  • We convert any audio/video content into text with zero errors and retaining the original meaning of the client’s content
  • Transcribed materials are very useful for hearing impaired people, people who do not understand the original content and need subtitles or content in the native language
  • Our dedicated team of transcribers convert the content for use in subsequent language translation and post-production processes
  • We believe in engaged working. We work with clients and suggest recording audio/video with high quality to get clear audio/video. This approach helps for better accuracy in transcription
  • Ennovatives got the best ‘ears’ in the industry for an extensive list of subjects, categories, and languages. We offer one of the best customer support and the quickest turnaround time in the industry.

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Categories of Transcription Services

  • Audio to text transcription

  • Video to text transcription

  • Medical Transcription

  • Legal Transcription

  • Academic Transcription

  • Interview Transcription

  • Podcast Transcription

  • Business Transcription

  • Digital Transcription

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Why choose Ennovatives for Transcription needs?

100% Human Transcribers Based

Because our transcribers is based across the globe, we can offer you transcribing quality that is unmatched in the business. We never employ non-human transcribing techniques like robots or algorithms.

Guaranteed 99.9% Accuracy

We guarantee at least 99 percent accuracy on all of your transcripts because we only work with native transcribers who can deliver a high quality output. To maintain our high accuracy guarantee, all transcripts provided by our transcriptionists are double-checked, proofread, and reviewed.

Extensive industry knowledge

We use transcriptionists with a variety of professional backgrounds in order to ensure excellent accuracy for every transcript. As a result, we are able to offer a wider range of transcribing services with accuracy and quick turnaround.

Businesses, MNCs, media outlets, universities, hospitals, legal institutions, and the entertainment industry all need transcription, which is the process of turning audio files into text files, to turn their seminars, conferences calls, lectures, seminars, market research transcriptions, interviews, patient records, and other types of content into clear, accurate transcripts. The need for transcription has become both rational and prudent given how communications have developed in today’s environment. Companies that outsource their transcription must make significant savings in infrastructure, time, and other resources so that they can use those savings to develop their core capabilities.

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How to Choose our Transcription Services

We provide our clients with services in a variety of fields, including academic lectures, medical research, speeches, court cases, casual talks, sermons, media interviews, marketing presentations, film subtitles, conference activities, financial decisions, and police investigation. Our goal is to produce the best possible transcript. We help our cherished clients by advising them on the best recording equipment to use for the best possible sound. In our line of work, we’ve discovered that a transcript will be more accurate the clearer the audio.

The best transcription services make the process of turning audio and video content into text simple and straightforward. Although there are several apps for basic speech-to-text, they might not handle some of the more complex fields of work, including the legal and medical fields, or operate well with volume. At their most basic level, transcription services provide a third-party platform that frequently incorporates artificial intelligence for voice recognition, effectively replacing dictation services. To ensure accuracy and a high success rate with the transcription, many professional transcribing services additionally incorporate a manual review procedure.

Overall, the goal is to offer a hands-free service that can handle one-on-one dictation as well as natural conversations, such those from corporate meetings, in order to produce searchable documentation that can help increase productivity and otherwise aid in customer interaction.

Online transcribing services are far more prevalent, but while you might be tempted to compare prices, it’s also crucial to consider error rates. There is no point in paying for a transcription service if the final product is so rife with mistakes that you have to pay extra to have it fully redone. Cost, whether a human or computer is transcribing, and the other integrated services are ultimately what determine which transcription service to use. With the foundation established, the top transcribing services are listed below.

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