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What is Machine Translation Post Editing?

Machine Translation Post-Editing (MTPE) services involve the procedure whereby skilled editing professionals modify machine-generated translation to enhance the final result by addressing grammatical and syntax problems, enhancing SEO, and other targeted editing points as necessary. This is a well-liked service in Eastern Europe that both big and small enterprises are starting to use. It differs from traditional editing, often known as a hands-on revision, a human revision, or copy-editing, which is the process of enhancing human-generated content. In its most basic form, machine translation post-editing entails the revision of machine translation output to guarantee that it satisfies the standard of quality required for that specific translation project.

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Why do Need MTPE Services?

Machine Translation Post Editing Services are distinct from traditional editing, which is the act of editing content that has been created by humans. SEO raises the SERP ranking of your website, and to do this, you need flawless content that is error-free. Don’t look further, contact us and get the right content for SEO strategy and translation projects.

MTPE services by Ennovatives edit your content to optimise it for SEO purposes or other business purposes. It is done by translation experts who edit machine-generated content with minute details.

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About Machine Translation Post Editing (MTPE)

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MTPE Impediments:

The MTPE services at Ennovatives fall into two broad categories:

  • Light post-editing is a type of MTPE that involves little post-editor involvement and is a basic scan of the translated text to look for significant errors and unreadable lines. When the translation is required urgently or when the timeframe and text are short, the customer typically expects to use the translated material simply for inbound purposes.
  • Full post-editing is another sort of MTPE that requires more interaction and is used to guarantee that the proper level of quality is attained after the machine translation.
  • Subject Matter Experts can be hard to locate in specialised businesses, and CAT tools are ageing and becoming too complex to operate.
  • Training and boarding large teams for MTPE takes a lot of time.
  • The MTPE method uses few industry technologies that make use of data.

Ennovatives' MTPE Services

  • Ennovatives provides a dedicated team of digital content creators for your MTPE requirements. We edit and correct grammar, sentence structure, percentage of transition, active, and passive sentences, syntax, etc.
  • We serve our clients with short post-editing and long post-editing, two significant categories of MTPE services globally.
  • Short post-editing as the name goes offers a basic overview of the content. Clients mostly use this service for internal consumption. These are most urgent in nature and shorter in text. Editing highlights major errors and rectifies them for immediate application.
  • Long post-editing is an advanced type of editing, including minute checks and rectification. Our best guys are dedicated to your service for high quality and error-free content.

Our approach towards MTPE

  • Making it possible for thousands of translators to collaborate on projects at once
  • Using the cloud to bring together global industry experts on a single platform
  • Customers and translators can both easily access the MTPE platform.
  • Human experience is combined with post-editing intelligence for data-driven quality assurance.

Ennovatives transforms MTPE so that subject matter experts and human language reviewers can reliably and readily modify MT findings on mobile devices in addition to desktop computers. Machine translation post-editing services are becoming more and more necessary as neural MT engines powered by big data evolve quickly, ensuring linguistic quality and consistency. The professional translation and localization process now includes an essential stage called MTPE, which offers unmatched efficiency and lower prices.

The capacity to train MT algorithms for improved technical correctness is a significant use of post-editing. In addition to using human translators, machine translation (MT) developers occasionally need to consult subject matter experts, such as bilingual lawyers, medical professionals, and technical engineers, to post-edit MT results in order to train their machine learning-based automatic translation engines. Traditional translation tools, such as CAT tools, on the other hand, are antiquated and challenging to use, and they are unable to record editing intelligence like the percentage of change or editing time per segment. While offering MT developers with comprehensive post-editing knowledge, Ennovatives’ revolutionary mobile translating system makes it simple and accessible for both industry experts and professional linguists, anywhere and at any time.

Companies frequently demand a large number of translators (sometimes hundreds of translators working together) to quickly edit millions of words in order to decrease time-to-market and gain a competitive advantage given today’s extensive MT training requirements. Through our cloud-based translation ecosystem, Ennovatives’ mobile post-editing solution enables potentially hundreds of human translators to work at once for previously unheard-of speed and scale.

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